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Fresh Hair Colors for Spring and Your Skintone in Niles

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

With longer days and warmer temps on the horizon, we’re all ready for a spring refresh ─ and that includes a fresh, new hair color. Here are the hottest hair color trends for Spring 2019!

Powdery Pastels

Pastel hair was huge at Coachella this year and is sweeping through Hollywood, particularly in pretty, softer pastel hues. As an added bonus, pastel colors fade out prettily from hair, so you can avoid another bleaching session. For a powdery pastel look, ask your colorist to eliminate yellow tones from your hair as much as possible. And as with all ultra-pigmented hair color, be sure to use color-extending shampoo and conditioner.

Chocolate Cake

This decadent look is all about rich, dimensional color reminiscent of delicious chocolate cake layered with luscious chocolate frosting! Ask your stylist for a deep brunette base that isn’t too neutral - you want a copper or red undertone to give it that luxurious warmth - as well as balayage ribbons of deep caramel blended throughout as well as pieces around the face. This color compliments most skin tones, and works especially well for olive and warm skin tones.

Copper Red

Copper hair is on fire this spring! This silky hue is a mix of rich copper and neutral tones so that it doesn’t lean orange in the sun. The key to copper-colored hair is to match with your skin tone. Someone with a pink undertone to their skin is typically better suited to golden tones than red tones, which could cause their skin to look even more red. Ask your colorist for a copper base and a mixture of very subtle, neutral highlights or lowlights. Copper hair is a great shade for olive and cooler skin tones.

Creamy Blonde

Icy platinum and gray blondes are on their way out; blonde hair this spring is warming up along with the temperatures! This particular blonde is a blend of both warmer, creamy hues as well as cool blonde shades. Ask your colorist to warm up your base color and for paler, cooler fine highlights throughout. Because it combines both warm and cool tones, this color trend works well on all skin tones.

Solid Brunette

Going darker for warm weather is an unexpected twist that many are embracing! From slinky, inky blacks to uniformly solid chocolate tresses, this trend is a departure from balayage that focuses on glossy, all-over color from roots to ends. People seeking an inky black should ask their stylist for a rich black with just a hint of blue. Inky black hair works best on darker and neutral skin tones (it’ll wash out paler skin tones), and brown hues can of course be chosen to complement any skin tone.

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