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Easy Halloween Hair Ideas

Halloween is the best time of year to experiment with your look and hair! There are so many fun, commitment-free ways to play around with your hair this Halloween; check out this list of fun Halloween hair ideas!

Semi-Permanent Dyes

Semi-permanent hair dyes do not have to be mixed with developer, are easy to apply and only last about 6 weeks. They’re a great way to experiment with hair color, and a great way to complete your Halloween costume! Vibrancy of color usually depends on the lightness of your hair color before applying and the type of dye you choose.

Temporary Hair Chalk & Sprays

Want a hair coloring option with even less commitment than semi-permanent hair dyes? Washable hair chalks and sprays are a fun and risk-free way to experiment with hair color that you can simply shampoo out and rinse down the drain!


For a quick and fun hair transformation, try a wig! Nowadays, there are endless options of different types of wigs that range in hair style, color, length, price and quality. Halloween is the best time to choose a fun wig that’s completely different from your normal hair do and style.

Hair Accessories

Adding hair accessories can put a finishing touch on a costume or add a huge wow factor as a statement piece to your entire look.

Hairstyles to Complete Your Look

Specific hair styles may take some time and practice to perfect, but the results are well worth it! A set of cute mouse or bear hair buns are so adorable, or style your hair into an era-specific style - 50s pinup hair, 70s feathered and disco looks, big 80s hair - there are so many fun styles to play with!

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